30th Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports

2-6 July 2012

ISBS 2012 Melbourne International Society of Biomechanics in Sports

About ISBS


The International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) is composed of members from all over the world with a common desire to study and understand human movement, especially as it relates to applied sports biomechanics. Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds including exercise science, education, engineering, computer science, rehabilitation and medicine to name a few. The primary purposes of ISBS is to (1) provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for sports biomechanics researchers, coaches and teachers, (2) to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners, and (3) to gather and disseminate information and materials on biomechanics in sports.  

ISBS conference history map

The first full scale conference of ISBS was held June, 1982, in San Diego, California, with 123 participants. The annual conference has since circled the globe numerous times as it rotates between Australasia, Europe and Africa, and North and South America, providing an opportunity for delegates to visit and experience varying cultures such as Caceres (Spain, 2002), Beijing (China, 2005), Ouro Preto (Brazil, 2007), and Marquette (Northern America, 2010), just to name a few. ISBS is a non-profit organisation guided by a comprehensive constitution and governed by elected executives and a board of directors. ISBS members can often be seen in action at Olympic and World Championship competitions, with a wide range of their research published in the ISBS journal Sports Biomechanics. 


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